To manage an organization plan, you must have an organization owner right at your GeoSeeq organization. If you don’t have it, contact our GeoSeeq support. Please write to this email address:


Upgrade your plan

  1. Visit and sign in GeoSeeq:

  2. Navigate to your organization page where you want to manage your subscription.

On the organization page select the Settings tab and click on the “Plan” subtab:

  1. To upgrade your plan to Team, click the “Subscribe” button in the second column. That button will redirect you to the Stripe screen.

  1. Set up your card payment on the Stripe payment screen.


Make sure you set the seat quantity on the left side!


  1. After the successful payment, the stripe will redirect to your GeoSeeq organization page, where you can see the data of the subscription:


Be aware that the default payment is “charge automatically”. If you want to change it, you should click on the “Manage Subscription” button and change the |


Cancel plan


Visit the customer portal in Stripe by clicking “Manage subscription” button: