Who can access the data I upload?

The data you upload is private unless you choose to make it public. Any user in your organization can access private projects. Outside users can only access a private project if you add them as guest users. Apps you add to your project can access your data for now, though secure computing is on our roadmap.

Note that private projects can include samples from public projects, but public projects cannot contain data from private projects. Files you upload to a public sample will be public.

How can I download data from many different samples?

The best way to bulk download data is from the command line. There is a bulk download center coming soon.

Where is data stored?

Data can be stored on many systems, including Azure, S3, FTP, SFTP, and the NCBI SRA. Data can be linked from your institution's storage network and existing storage setups. Please feel free to contact support@geoseeq.com to set up custom storage.

Data is stored on Wasabi Cloud Storage in the US East 1 region by default. Support for more regions is on our roadmap.

What Browsers are supported?

  • Chromium

  • Firefox

  • Edge

  • Safari


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