Metadata import

Start metadata import here:

Import metadata

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Import metadata


If you export the sample table with the table export function, you can modify your CSV file in your Excel app and reimport your modified CSV file to the GeoSeeq:


  • Supported file extension: csv

  • Header: The first row should be the header which contains the sample name and the metadata fields' name.

  • Sample name: The first row should contain the sample name in the first place, and In every other row, the first values should have an existing sample name in the project:

  • Data separator: The separator should be a comma (,) or semicolon (;).

  • Record separator: End line char. The end line char should be: CRLF


  • Supported data types and format:

    • String: No constraint.

    • Number: Decimal separator: point (.) Format: number.number

    • Boolean: Possible values: true, false, True, False

    • Latitude: A number between -90 and +90. Decimal separator: “.” (point)

    • Longitude: A number between -180 and +180. Decimal separator: “.” (point)

    • Date: Separator: “/” or “-” or “.” (point)

    • DateTime: Year-month-day separator: “/” or “-” or “.” (point) Hour-minute-second separator: “:”

    • Single select: The user can define possible values in the GeoSeeq platform, but You can import different values.


  • Data validation: The imported values shouldn’t match the metadata type. The import warns the user If the value doesn’t match the defined metadata type but doesn’t block the import.


  • Import new properties:

The users can import values for existing, predefined metadata fields, but the users can import new properties also. The GeoSeeq platform tries to recognize the datatype based on the value formats.

The users can mark a single select datatype with curly brackets in the header.

(If a single select metadata field is an existing one, predefined, the import file shouldn’t contain the curly brackets in the header.)

Import file with new single select property:

Import preprocess window with the new single select property:


Referenced samples: The users can’t import/add metadata values for referenced samples.