Creating GEOJSON file


GeoSeeq can visualize data on custom map by GEOJSON files.


The GEOJSON file should contain the following sections:

  1. Geometry definitions with coordinates: The GeoSeeq will draw the feature based on the coordinates
    of the geometry.

The definition of geometry with coordinates

  1. Key values: The GeoSeeq will color the geometry based on the key values in the properties JSON section. This key value name should be defined in the map settings:

Defining data key in the map settings






Hover shows the following information:

  • Feature name in the GEOJSON

  • Key value in the GEOJSON

  • Tooltip label and Tooltip unit in the map settings


The whole GEOJSON definition file with the previous example:




General description of GeoJSON file structure:


Another example: Municipio GeoJSON


GEOJSON tools: